Science Building

Madhavlal Ranchhodlal Science Building (1912)

The Governor of Bombay, Sir George Sydenham Clerk inaugurated this building on 7th February 1912. The eminent philanthropist and industrialist Sir Chinubhai Madhavlal Ranchhodlal, Baronet donated Rs. 6 lakh. Out of this sum Rs. 2,15,838 was used towards the formation of the M.R. Science Institute, named after Sir Chinubhai's Father. The building is beautiful to behold & is grand in appearance.

Chemistry building is also known as M.R. Science Building. B.Sc. degree course is offered in the college.
The preparation rooms of F.Y., S.Y. and Third year chemistry labs are situated on the ground floor. There is a store room, chemistry theatre I and II, the chamber of the HOD and hall of Gujarat College Employees Co-Operative Union on this floor.
On the first floor of the building, the physics lab of second year and third year B.Sc. of Dept. of Physics are situated. The preparation room of the lab of dept. of physics for S.Y.B.Sc. and lecture rooms and Chemistry tutorial room no. I and II are also situated there.