Main Arts Building

This building built-in 1899 was the first step towards the beautiful architecture of Gujarat College. One can still see a plaque near the main building staircase bearing the year 1899, when the building completed construction.
The building is unique with a western architectural style. Beautiful floral patterns adorn the building. One can see decorative towers & domes on the top, made of wood. The Whole building has beautiful wooden carvings which enhance the beauty of the building. The building rises majestically from within the age old trees and is a sight to behold. Its serenity, grand & stately bearing casts a spell on the beholder.
This double story building is a sight to behold.
The ground floor has lecture rooms numbering 7 from room no. 10 to room no. 16.
The first floor houses the chamber of Principal of Gujarat Arts & Science College and the administrative offices of the college. It also has the chamber of Principal of Gujarat Commerce College and two lecture rooms namely room no. 5 and room no.9.