Gujarat Arts & Commerce College(Evening), Ahmedabad welcomes you.

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Gujarat College, situated in Ellisbridge, the heart of the city of Ahmedabad was established in 1869 with a view in house facility for higher education. The mill owners association came forward to provide financial assistance. Initially the college was started on Mirzapur Road in a building, which was given, by one of the Landlords. However, Bombay University did not give affiliation for the want of its proper accommodation. . Sir Chinubhai Baronet's family donated land in Madalpur village, now better known as Elisbridge for making its own building. The historical college thus began.

Gujarat College is managed by the Education Department, Government of Gujarat. Mainly, student from lower and middle class seek admission in this college, as the fee structure is moderate and low compared to other self-financed colleges. There were only two faculties namely Arts and Science. In later eighties when results of the qualifying examinations, particularly in commerce stream started going high, Commerce faculty was introduced in the same Gujarat College campus to accommodate the large number of commerce students. This commerce faculty started functioning in the morning time hence it is popularly known as morning college. In nineties when the results of the qualifying examination, particularly now in arts stream started going high, arts faculty in the same Gujarat College campus was introduced in 1992. This Arts faculty started functioning in the evening time hence it is popularity known as evening college and the students working part time to become financially self-reliant, come and study as a result the number of students increased to the size of a full - Length College! Further to that when a need was felt in 1997 to start again a college for Commerce stream, the Education Department of Government of Gujarat resolved to start yet another commerce faculty in the same campus and attached it with the evening arts faculty. That is how the college came to existence as Gujarat Arts and Commerce College. However the nickname Evening College is still in prevalent.

Now in both Arts and Commerce stream, students are studying in large number with its real meaning. Slowly this college is getting equipped with infrastructure. Gujarat University has given permanent affiliation to this college and it has also got recognized under the section 2 (F) - 12 (B) of U.G.C. The faculty members, selected by Gujarat Public Service Commission and appointed by Education Department of Government of Gujarat both in arts and commerce are fully qualified and well trained.

Growing under the shadows of Gujarat College having almost a century old history, this evening college has created its own traditions.

The College offers following subjects as main subjects in arts faculty-

  1. Sanskrit
  2. English literature
  3. Gujarati
  4. Hindi Literature
  5. Sociology
  6. Psychology
  7. History
  8. Economics

Whereas Psychology is offered as subsidiary subject and Accountancy as main and statistics as a subsidiary subject offered in Commerce faculty.

The college authority organizes various activities during the year. Apart from the classroom teaching, academic counseling, and educational guidance and placement in different jobs, multifarious co-curricular activities are conducted at department levels and at college level for overall development of the students. Various committees are formed. All departments and the committees plan their activities for the coming year at the beginning and start implementing almost in the month of July. Adequate fund is provided to all departments and the committees for conducting their activities. Thus all departments and the whole college as such put efforts to develop the overall personality of the students. The college also invites two or three eminent personalities from state, country, and National Level so that the students can interact with their expertise and obtain encouragement.